Piosson Pannda

Name: Poisson Evium Pannda
(Real name AmandaLynn)
Age 17 years.
Hair: blonde and red pink.
Eyes: brown.
Piercings: Septum, Angelbites, Nipple, Nostril, Helix, Tragus, ears, 12 mm Tunnels.
Tattoo's: 3



Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK by Indira Cesarine for Untitled Magazine 

http://its-erva-venenosa.tumblr.com/ - légalise!

Frank Wolf (Francis Lapointe) passed away on November 24th 2013. He was just 20 years old. A funeral ceremony was held in his home town of Verdun in Quebec Canada. Frank was a victim of bullying and as a result took his own life. I never knew him. But I wish I did. I came across his facebook fan page months ago. I fell in complete awe with his beautiful soul. Though I didn’t know him in person I still feel an immense feeling of loss. I will miss seeing new pictures of him and his smiling face. I can’t imagine why or how anyone could do this to such a beautiful soul.
Today (April 20th) is his 21st birthday. Happy birthday frank. We miss you and love you beautiful Angel. May you finally be at peace. xx #FrankWolf #restinpeace #Angel #missyou #sad #heartbroken #happybirthday #rip #weloveyou #evanescence

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